Sample Letter to Ambassador

October 13, 2012

The Honorable Mr. David Jacobson

Ambassador of the United States of America

The Embassy of the United States of America

490 Sussex Drive

Ottawa, Ontario

K1N 1G8

RE: Your speech at the Weston Hotel’s 40th Anniversary

Dear Honorable Ambassador,

I would like to extend my thanks to you for your outstanding speech, marking the 40th anniversary of the historic Weston Hotel. It was really an honor to have you with us, and your presence made the celebration all the most memorable.

For me, your decorous attendance at the celebration reaffirms the true strength of Canadian-American relations. To have such a strong, productive relationship is a great source of reassurance.

As you know, the Weston Hotel is rather close to the border between our two countries, and visitors from the United States form a large part of our clientele. To have such deepest connections between the two countries can only do the hotel good.

Moreover, the efforts you have undertaken to improve Canadian-American tourist relations are rare. I know for a fact that my fellow hoteliers find your work extremely great. For my part, I can do nothing but express much admiration.

To close, I would again like to show my heartfelt gratitude and to congratulate you on the remarkable progress you’ve made to strengthen the bilateral relations between Canada and America.

Please know that I hope for nothing but your continued achievement.

Sincerely yours,

Robert Anders Weston

Chairman and CEO, Weston Group of Companies

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